Virat one of the person finishers ever: Hayden

6 months ago

prv_0ec77_1470792863Matthew Hayden was one of those players who ruled in all structures amid his playing days. He was a piece of an all-overcoming Australian side that won everything in the main decade of the 2000s and it torments him all the more to see the capitulation of his country against twist nowadays. Hayden, who is one of the brand envoys of Tamil Nadu Premier League, talked about the Aussie hardships, Virat Kohli’s control, his appreciation of David Warner and significantly all the more amid an elite visit with TOI.


Australia’s thrashing against a Sri Lankan group experiencing significant change more likely than not tormented you. What’s the matter with the Aussies?

I have no clue why they can’t play turn. There are never simple conditions in universal cricket, however I solidly trust that we ought to have beaten this Sri Lankan group, even at their home. Be that as it may, they are completely shell-stunned by twist. They have an extreme voyage through India in at some point and judging by this structure, they will battle. Be that as it may, they make them exceptional players like Mitchell Starc and I trust they rally behind each other and discover a way .

What’s your thought on Starc, he has truly knocked down some pins well in Lanka…

He is a staggering pace bowler, comparable to the best that I have seen. A portion of the conveyances that he bowls are completely out of the world. He began off additional as a one-day bowler and has recently gone from quality to quality.

Who as indicated by you is the best batsman in world cricket right now?

It’s main three really – David Warner, Virat Kohli an AB de Villiers. On the off chance that it’s Test cricket I would run with Warner. He has developed a great deal as a Test cricketer, has boundless alternatives against pace and overwhelms turn too. He is presumably one of the fittest folks and that makes him a complete bundle.

Do you think he is tantamount to you?

He is superior to anything me. May be my barrier was a shade better, however the diversion is not played like that any longer. He has an out and out assaulting intuition and that has some of the time prompted his defeat, yet he has been wise with his shot choice recently.

You played against Sachin Tendulkar at his prime. Is Virat on his approach to copying Sachin?

You ought to comprehend that this nation would not have been the same if Sachin had not walked out into the center for a long time.

Who might have Virat gazed upward to? Possibly Dravid or Ganguly or VVS and would have made an incredible showing with regards to with that, however Sachin gave a tremendous stimulus to the country. Virat has made that his own now, however he has the test of doing it time in time out in Tests. On the off chance that he continues doing it, in seven or eight years, we may call him one of the best ever.

As a finisher do you think Virat is more clinical than Sachin on occasion?

As a finisher Virat is one of the best ever to have played the diversion. He has extraordinary wrists, phenomenal position sense and above all is one of the fittest players. That is the sacred trinity that makes an incredible finisher and Virat claims every one of the three.

You had seen a youthful M Vijay amid your playing days with CSK. It is safe to say that you are content with the way he has taken care of business?

He is so skilled and I have no clarification why he is not doing great in T20s and ODIs. Given his ability, he ought to overwhelm each of the three formats.But yes, as a Test batsman he has been great – he is resolved, doesn’t play extravagant shots too soon and sticks around for his chance and has such a large number of choices.

You generally discussed cricket globalization. Do you think India playing West Indies is a stage in the right course and cricket ought to go ahead to end up an Olympic game?

I have talked about globalization and I trust it can be a hit in US, where there is such a major expat populace.

In any case, I don’t think cricket can be an Olympic game – it’s an expert game and it conflicts with the grain of an Olympic game only the way tennis is.


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